The I Can Therapy Centre recently had Beth, a student at Andover College who came to complete a week’s work placement. Beth is currently in her first year studying health and social care and psychology, after College Beth’s ambition is to become an Occupational Therapist working with older adults. Beth was recommended to come to the I Can Therapy Centre by her lecturer who thought Beth would benefit from gaining experience working with older adults.

Beth spent the week at the I Can Therapy Centre spending time both on the circuit floor talking to customers and carers getting a good understanding of the impact using the service has had, to observing first assessments and reviews learning all about our process and the customer journey of a new customer.

When asked what have you enjoyed most about your time at the I Can Therapy Centre, Beth explained, “It was great to get the opportunity to see how first assessments and reviews worked as well as talking to customers to understand the impact that the I Can therapy centre has on their health and wellbeing.”

Beth was also asked what impact has your work experience had on your future career choice and why? “It has confirmed the fact I want to work with older adults and people with long-term health as an Occupational Therapist”.

Finally, Beth was asked, what have you learned from your work experience at the I Can Therapy Centre? Beth Explained, “how small acts such as having a brief conversation with someone asking how their day is going can have such a big impact on their day.”

One of the I Can Therapy Centre Customers who Beth was working with said “I really enjoyed chatting with Beth today while completing my circuit, she was really helpful.”

Amy, the circuit co-ordinator at the I Can Therapy Centre said “Beth’s customer service was exemplary, she went above and beyond to better understand each customer’s situation and always did anything she could to help them.”

Beth’s lecturer Rachel was approached and asked to comment on how students benefit from work placements. “Students get a real insight into the real world of work and get an opportunity to put the theory they learn in class into practice in the workplace”.

Finally, Rachel was asked why did you recommend Beth to complete her work experience at the I Can Therapy Centre ?”Beth has expressed an interest in a career as an Occupational Therapist. The I Can Therapy Centre gave her an experience of what this could entail, working directly with people who use the service and seeing how a well-motivated team of professionals and volunteers can work together to enable people who use the service to improve their health and take control of their lives, building confidence, self esteem and a sense of self worth.

Pervious students have been well supported and truly benefited themselves, developing good communication and teamwork skills, as has Beth. I would recommend the  I Can Therapy Centre to future students because of how well they are supported to develop themselves.”

From the I Can Therapy Team we wish Beth all the best in her future endeavours and we are confident she will be successful in whatever she decides to do as a career.