I can centre

The I Can therapy Centre

Providing a unique exercise experience using specially adapted power assisted equipment to move and mobilise your muscles and joints throughout their natural range of movement. 

Combining the science of human movement and wellness with the coaching skills of an experienced team of professionals and volunteers, we will help you feel empowered and enabled to safely and effectively increase your physical activity levels. 

Exclusively designed to help you move more and feel better.

“It’s not your usual gym” – I Can Therapy user. 

Your Daily Dose of Wellness

"There is no point in life where doing more exercise does not improve health in multiple ways"

I can centre

Power Assisted Exercise

Power assisted exercise offers an inclusive exercise experience for everyone.

Movement on each of the machines in the circuit is initiated by an electronic power system. This enables users to be mobilised by the equipment and therefore move passively. For those ready and able to progress, users can resist the movement and actively engage their muscles and cardiovascular systems to gain enhanced fitness benefit. 

A range of adaptations and accessories are available for each piece of equipment enabling those with limited mobility or disability and those managing chronic health conditions to move more and feel better.

“The exercises make everything go into place naturally, my posture’s better and it gives me lift!” – I Can Therapy user.

The I Can Experience

A warm welcome awaits you at the I Can Therapy Centre. Our team will ensure you have an enjoyable, safe and effective exercise experience. The range of specialist equipment will mobilise your joints, strengthen your muscles and improve your fitness.

“Sociable, friendly, warm and chatty – I think that’s why so many people come here!” – I Can Therapy user.

If I Can, You Can Says Media Campaigner Sara Payne MBE

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I Can Therapy Centre
8-10 Union Street
SP10 1PA

01264 568 241

[email protected]

Opening Hours

Monday: 9am – 3pm
Tuesday: 9am – 4pm
Wednesday: 9am – 3pm
Thursday: 9am – 3pm
Friday 9am – 2pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

(Closed on Public Bank Holidays)

I Can Therapy Centre, Union Street, Andover, Hants, SP10 1PA